Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Service and Repairs  

What types of transmission services and repairs do you offer?

We offer complete transmission service and repairs for all makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic. For a complete list of transmission services, click here.

How much do transmission repairs cost?

The cost to repair will depend on the condition of your transmission.  To assess the condition we first perform our FREE road test and 21-point external examination.  Most late model vehicles are electronically controlled and it's possible that the symptom that you feel could be something other than a transmission problem.  If the free road test indicates an internal problem we will need to perform our Remove, Disassemble and Install (RDI) Service, for which there is a charge, to give you an exact cost of repair.  We will obtain your authorization before we begin any service for which there is a charge.

How long will the FREE road test and external examination take?

Generally, our road test and external examination service takes 45 minutes.  This will include an initial road test, and an external inspection. We encourage our customers to wait while this service is performed. 

What if I decide I don't want any work done?

That choice will always be yours and if that is the direction you wish to go, there is no charge for our road test and external examination.

What type of guarantee does MATSCO offer?

All minor repairs come with a 90-day/4,000-mile warranty. Major repairs come with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. Longer 24-month/24,000-mile and 36-month/36,000-mile warranties are available for an additional charge. Our warranties can provide you protection through a nationwide network of quality transmission shops. Ask for details when you visit the shop.

What are my payment options?

Transmission repairs can be expensive, and they often occur unexpectedly. MATSCO provides 90 days same-as-cash financing for customers with approved credit. Credit-worthy customers can even obtain financing for up to 36 months.

What if I need a new transmission?  How much would that be?

It is highly unlikely that you will need a new transmission.  Of the 300 to 500 parts inside an automatic transmission, some will be able to be reused. That saving can be passed on to you.  We find it more inexpensive to rebuild the transmission than to replace it.  The price to repair your transmission will depend upon how much damage is done to your transmission.

If you see this type of problem all the time, why can't you give me a price?

While we might have seen the symptoms before, based on our experience we know that the causes of the symptoms can be varied.  If the free road test indicates an RDI is necessary, we will give you an exact cost of repair and get your authorization before we begin any repair to your transmission.

Can I wait to have the car repaired?

Yes, but the longer you drive the vehicle, the worse the condition will become.  The worse the condition becomes, the more it will eventually cost to repair.  If you are interested in saving money, the best thing would be to bring it in right away.  After all, it might be something simple.  If you are concerned about driving the vehicle any further, your MATSCO representative can arrange to have the vehicle towed in and evaluated.  In most cases, towing is FREE with major repairs.  In the long run this is the least expensive option.

Why can't you give me a price over the phone?

Many times, customers call with what appears to be something serious and it turns out to be something relatively minor.  In other words, only after a complete and thorough evaluation on the transmission is made and the cause of the symptom is identified can MATSCO offer you a price.  We will be in a much better position to do that after our free road test and evalulation.

What is the most something like this could cost?

The most it could cost initially is 45 minutes of your time.  Our road test is free.  Since most late model transmissions are very complex and the causes of the symptoms are varied, having the vehicle checked externally is the appropriate thing to do.  The Better Business Bureau brochure entitled “Transmission Care and Repair” says that “an estimate as to the cost of transmission repair can be given in cases where an external observation and/or a test drive permit an accurate diagnosis of the defects.”

Could a fluid change solve my problem?

It's possible that might be all that’s needed.  Depending on what the transmission is doing, a fluid change along with replacing the filter and making the necessary adjustments may solve the condition you are experiencing.  These are part of our transmission service package. If the car has an internal problem, it will not. In any event, the vehicle must be evaluated as part of our road test and external examination. 

What is a transmission service?

Transmission servicing at MATSCO includes new transmission fluid, and replacemnt of the pan gasket and filter.  The technician completes a thorough check of engine and transmission mounts, an electronic computer scan and a check for battery problems.  The inspection also includes a safety check of your vehicle's radiator, battery, engine oil, brake fluid and power steering.  This detailed inspection can locate small problems before they develop into stuations requiring major repairs.

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